Chandler woman's response to Cher's tweet on end of DACA sets off public spat

Some of the anger over the Trump Administration's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, came from Hollywood and several A-List celebrities.

Among them, was legendary singer Cher, who tweeted that anyone who can take in a Dreamer and protect them, should do so, and that she would be doing the same.

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When a 61-year-old chandler woman tweeted Cher and challenged her promise, the response she received was more than she bargained for.

Brenda Webb's response to Cher's tweet, however, resulted in a social media spat with the singer, as well as her fans.

Webb said at first, she was shocked Cher responded at all. Once the words sunk in, however, Webb said she was a little sad. Webb, however, said she's a big Cher fan, and won't hold this against her.

On Wednesday, Webb tried to clear the air.

"I mean, if she sees this, I'm sorry, Cher, but I didn't mean anything," said Webb. "I really truly didn't mean anything by that."

In her tweet, Webb expressed skepticism over Cher's promise that she will take in Dreamers and protect them.

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Cher responded to the tweet, in an unfavorable way.

With that, Webb said she started getting mean tweets from other Cher fans.

"I was just totally surprised by the reaction," said Webb. "I didn't call her names. I didn't swear at her, and it just went from there."

Webb said she just wanted to drive home the importance of sticking to your words, which Webb accuses Cher of not doing.

"It's great what she's doing, and what she suggest other celebs to do, it's wonderful," said Webb. "I don't have anything against that. I just want her to keep her promises. She stated that if Bush got a second term, she was leaving the country, and when Trump got in, she was leaving the country. She's still here, and that, to me, doesn't show keeping your promise and keeping your words, no matter what it is."

FOX 10 Phoenix reached out to the singer to see if she had anything to add, but she didn't respond. Webb said the tiff between her and Cher has taught her a lesson: that you will never know how people will react over the internet, so it's probably best to lay low.