City Council approves project to redevelop tract of South Phoenix land

Another boost is coming to South Phoenix, with the Phoenix City Council finally clearing the way to develop a property at 24th Street and Broadway.

The City has owned the piece of land for over two decades, having torn down a troubled market that used to be there. City officials, however, sat on the fence over what to do with it since the market was torn down.

Now, a plan is in place, which city officials hope can help fight off crime and attract new businesses to the area.

"In the 90s, we condemned this area and promised the resident something better, and 30 years later, here we are," said Carlos Garcia, a member of the Phoenix City Council who is running for a new term in a runoff election scheduled for March.

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After more than two years of study, from creative concepts and market conditions to finding out what the residents want, a plan now calls for a grocery store to be built on the land, along with spaces for medical services, sit-down restaurants, retail, and entertainment.

"It's definitely a way to make South Phoenix a destination for everyone, but it’s also a way for people have been here for such a long time to reap those benefits as well," said Garcia.

The city needs to find a developer over the next 90 days.

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