Cool late May weather a pleasant surprise for longtime Valley residents

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- So many folks are enjoying the cooler weather in the Valley. Outdoor shops are busy as always, and avid hikers, as well as those who have to work outside, say they don't have to worry about beating the heat like they usually do.

People who say they have lived in the Valley all their lives said they have never seen weather like this is in late May, with nice and cool weather in the 70s, and what's a better way to spend it than spend it outside, doing the things they love?

"I just like opening my front door and not having a heat wave," said Zachary Gardner, who works as a window cleaner. He doesn't miss the days when he had to clean windows in almost triple-digit heat in May.

"Last summer, it would be 90 degrees in the morning when I left. It's been nice to have a cool breeze," said Gardner.

Now, instead of beating the heat, he's doing more of his favorite outdoor hobbies.

"I rock climb a lot, so I've been climbing outside every weekend," said Gardner.

Speaking of rock climbing, staff members with the Arizona Hiking Shack said they are busy as usual.

"Short day hikes in and around Phoenix. South Mountain, McDowell Mountain, Picacho Peak, there's so many places to come hike," said Dale Stewart, who owns the Arizona Hiking Shack.

On the Camelback Trail, hikers said they love the cooler weather, which means they get to sleep in and don't have to wake up early to avoid the extreme heat that usually comes during the afternoon hours this time of year.

"Oh my god, it's wonderful," said one hiker. "The opportunity to do this hike is extended because of this good weather. It was just a marvelous hike."

Starting next week, the temperatures are expected to slowly climb back up.