Couple accused of impersonating Phoenix Water Department employees

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A couple is in big trouble after they tried to impersonate Water Department employees in order to gain access to a Phoenix home.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this story is that the couple had young kids with them the whole time. The homeowners later figured out that the couple is up to no good. They snapped a photo of their car as they were leaving, which helped police track them down.

28-year-old Bisono Ely and 25-year-old Savanna Wesley have since made their first appearance in court. According to court paperwork, the duo made their way inside a home in one Phoenix neighborhood by claiming to be with the Water Department and that they needed to check the water pressure. One of the suspects was even wearing a yellow construction-type vest. However, both of them had children with them. One aged six and the other around the age of two.

According to court paperwork, the two homeowners, ages 76 and 82, saw the kids walking around and picking up items from around the house, including the homeowner's ring. After getting the ring back, the homeowners told the duo to leave, and said they were going to call the police. As the two were leaving, the homeowners were able to snap photos of their car. Police found the car a while later and arrested the two.

In court, Ely begged a judge for leniency.

"Please ma'am, god bless you, just so I can make it to my kids so I can fight for my kids ma'am. Please," said Ely.

Bond is set at $25,000. Meanwhile, officials with the Phoenix Water Department want people to know they will never just ask to enter someone's home unless they've set up some sort of appointment beforehand.