Couple found dead in apparent murder-suicide in midst of divorce

According to Mesa Police, the victim, 45-year-old April Engel has just begun the process of divorcing her husband. The two were found by her adult daughter around Midnight.

"Whether it was a murder-suicide or a murder, it is really bad because someone took a life, no matter how you look at that," said Debbie, a neighbor.

Police say the victim had lived in the apartment with her husband 40-year-old David Engel, last week she filed for divorce.

"She did have some fear, and at that point she notified a friend, a friend gave her a place to stay for the night, but for some reason she came back to her apartment, and apparently he was waiting for her," said Esteban Flores, with the Mesa Police Department.

"The daughter came here and checked on her mother, and that is when she found her deceased," said Flores.

People who live in the complex near Greenfield Road and University in Mesa woke up to see the police and crime scene units.

"Kinda shocked, I mean really I moved here because I have a little kid, and I thought it would be safe living next to a police station, but apparently it isn't safe wherever you go," said Keith Berkezchuck.

Police say the couple had been married for 11 years.