Couple in mourning after their pet bulldog drowns at a Scottsdale pet resort

A family is in mourning after their pet bulldog drowned at a Scottsdale pet resort over Father's Day weekend.

Deanna and Matthew Spott said their bulldog wasn't even at the resort for two hours before the owner called with the heartbreaking news. This story, in particular, is startling because the family says they really emphasized to the pet resort their dog, Matilda, cannot swim.

"I will never forgive myself," said Deanna.

"I feel like I let Matilda down," said Matthew.

"She was just the most well mannered dog in the world, and to think that this is how her last moments were, at an unfamiliar place with no one helping her," said Deanna, sobbing as she remembers her dog.

Matilda, 6, was dropped off by Matthew at Always Unleashed Pet Resort on Saturday. Matthew and Deanna wanted her to enjoy a day at the pet spa, and they knew Saturday's heat would be too extreme to take Matilda out in.

It was Matilda's first time there, and her last time.

Since Matilda can't swim, Matthew and Deanna said they made sure to tell the pet resort to be careful with her around the pool.

"I mean, I expressed it over and over and over and over, and they adamantly said 'don't worry, we have other bulldogs, we know they don't swim'," said Matthew.

Two hours later, however, the couple got a call from the owner of the pet resort.

"They said there was a gentleman in the pool and he turned his head for a second, and when he turned his had back she drowned," said Deanna.

There was no way for Matthew and Deanna to be prepared for this news. Matilda was their treasure.

"I had her six years last week," said Matthew, sobbing as he remembers Matilda.

"She just loved people. She just loved people. Everything we did we took her with us. She's in our engagement photos. She's everywhere," said Matthew.

Saturday turned out to be the last time Deanna and Matthew would see their dog alive.

"This was not an accident. This was pure negligence," said Deanna. "They were told, they knew, and they still did not do their duty."

The owner of the pet resort, identified as Karen, said there was someone present at the pool when Matilda drowned, and they are looking into the incident.