Couple quits jobs, sells home for RV lifestyle

GILBERT, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Imagine selling your home, quitting your job, and travel! For one Gilbert couple who wanted a simpler life, it's a reality.

The Johnsons' son just graduated from Arizona State University on Monday.

"Both of our children are grown, so we're empty nesters now," said Shawnna Johnson.

So, Shawna and Brian Johnson have quit their corporate job, sold their Gilbert house and everything in it, and bought and RV. Their plan now is to travel North America with their two dogs.

"We wanted to trade all of our stuff for memories, excitement, and adventure," said Brian Johnson.

"First stop is actually Rocky Point, Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, and from there, we head to South Dakota," said Shawnna. "We'll probably take a year, at least this first year, to figure out the full RV lifestyle and challenges, and then look for some kind of virtual work."

The Johnsons are launching a YouTube channel and other social media pages to document their journey. They want to inspire others who have a similar dream to do the same.

"The full-time RV community is so large. There's over 1 million people, families and couples that are full-time RVing, so we expect to meet a lot of folks on the road doing the same thing," said Shawnna.

While some family members support the Johnsons' love of adventure, others are not so sure about the plan. This couple, however, is ready for a different kind of life.