Crews pull trapped manatees from Oldsmar pond

Wildlife rescuers rescued three manatees who were trapped in an Oldsmar pond.

Rescuers were able to pull the trapped manatees from the water and release them back into Old Tampa Bay.

Rescuers were called to a pond at the Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve, which is just off the northernmost waters of Old Tampa Bay. According to Florida Fish & Wildlife officials, the three manatees in the pond may have been trapped for several days.

Experts say the manatees probably swam in during the higher-than-normal tides during Hurricane Michael.

Crews from FWC's Marine Mammal Rescue Team and Clearwater Marine Aquarium were on hand in small boats and kayaks. They managed to wrangle two of the manatees into a net and drag them to shore and release them back into the bay.

The third manatee, which appeared to be a juvenile, was finally found and pulled from the water around 5 p.m.