Daughter talks about mother's recent passing at Texas City nursing home

"The last time I saw my mom in person it was on March 8th," said Kristi Doss.

Like others with loved ones in nursing homes, Doss couldn't visit her 65-year-old mother Janet Thomas in person.

In April, Thomas was one of several residents at the Resort at Texas City nursing home to take hydroxychloroquine after testing positive for COVID-19.

That's when Thomas told us she wasn't scared the Lord was going to take care of her.

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Thomas recently passed away.

The family didn't want an autopsy but believe fighting the virus may have done her in.

"We know that she was asleep and that was always how she wanted it, and she was at home," Doss said. "For us, it was just a nursing home but for her, that was her home."

Doss says her mother loved the Resort at Texas City nursing home and wanted to try the controversial COVID-19 treatment in hopes it could help someone else.

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Doss admits not seeing her mother for months before she passed was hard.

"Maybe it was God's way of weaning us off of her because I think if I'd seen her just the day before and then all of a sudden she was gone I think that would have been a level of shock hay I wasn't ready for," she said.

Interviewing the pair gave us a chance to see the strong mother-daughter bond they shared.

"I miss the little things," Doss said. "I miss calling her and telling her how my day was I miss listening to her ask the same question over and over again. I miss her asking about her cat that I have I just miss those little things."

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