Days after deadly school shooting, group hosts pro-2nd Amendment rally outside State Capitol

Gun rights advocates held a rally in support of the 2nd Amendment at the Arizona State Capitol Saturday.

The annual event was planned, but in the wake of the Florida shooting, the focus shifted to the victims.

Attendees at the rally say the crux of the problem isn't about guns, but mental health.

"I am responsible for my own safety and will being," said one rally attendee. "I have a right to bear these guns, I also have the responsibility to defend and protect myself."

There was a moment of silence at the event, in the aftermath of the deadly school shooting in Florida. In addition, there was a donation jar, with proceeds being sent to those affected.

"Protect our schools and protect these kids. They have no protection. No metal dectectors, nothing," said Kirtis Baxter, President of RidersUSA, which held the event Saturday. "See something say something

Baxter said guns don't kill people, and people kill people.

"Whether or not he did it with an AR-15 or the bumper of a car or a machete, this is a kid that was imbalanced, who was going to hurt people in one way or the another," said Baxter, who went on to say the solution is not less guns, but more.

"Maybe if there would have been some people like us around there, something could have been stopped," said Baxter.

In fact, Baxter said an idea to help stop shootings on schools campuses would to be employ those who know best how to work a gun.

"There are tens of thousands of homeless veterans out there that would be thrilled to make $15 or $18 an hour carrying a gun and protecting our schools," said Baxter. "You make a school a gun free zone, and then you give a kid that's mentality imbalanced a gun, where is he gonna go? A gun free zone."

Baxter also mentioned some type of new legislation that will help better monitor who is buying a gun.