Dedicated Eagles fan recipient of surprise Super Bowl tickets through Eagles Autism Foundation

One Birds fan received the surprise of a lifetime before the Eagles had clinched their spot in the Super Bowl. Philadelphia resident Ryan Lloyd will be leaving for Arizona in just one week and he couldn't be more excited.

"It’s amazing, not only what you do, but everything you stand for and so, we have a little surprise for you," Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie said to Ryan. "This is tickets to the Super Bowl!"

Since he was 10, Ryan Lloyd loved the Eagles and, by chance, his disability – autism – led him to the surprise of a lifetime, the recipient of the Eagles Autism Foundation Super Bowl Surprise.

"Neurodiverse is when people will have different qualities compared to Neurotypical people," Ryan explained.


Being on the autism spectrum never held Ryan back. He graduated from St. Joe’s and now works as an IT analyst. He also volunteered every chance he could with the Eagles Autism Foundation Challenge year after year.

"It really touched my heart knowing that there’s a foundation for me and other people on the spectrum," Ryan said.

Ryan’s dedication caught the eye of Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and the rest is history, as Ryan was invited to the New Year’s Day Eagles game against the New Orleans Saints, where it all happened.

"Jeffrey was blown away. He already knew Ryan’s story and how great a person he was and how he was perfect for this NFL surprise," Eagles Autism Foundation Director, Ryan Hammond, said.

When Ryan received the surprise of his life, the Eagles had yet to clinch their Super Bowl berth, but now it’s for real. "It’s an amazing feeling. It’s still hard to process," Ryan added. "I’m packing for four days and three nights, including Super Bowl Sunday."

People interested in the Eagles Autism Foundation can get more information on their website, here.