Delta's last 747 airliner now at Pinal Airpark, after final flight

Aviation history was made in Arizona on Wednesday, as the last passenger-carrying Boeing 747 that flew for a major U.S. airline company touched down at Pinal Airpark.

FOX 10 Phoenix's Ty Brennan was at the Airpark to witness the history-making event.

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The 747 left from Atlanta, and headed to her final resting spot in the desert. The plane was covered with signatures of employees and crew who worked on the icon for all these years.

"Just look at the airplane," said Capt. Stephen Hanlon, a captain with Delta. "I mean, it's so iconic. You see planes taxi by all the time, and they all look like airplanes, but when you see the queen taxi by, you know it's a 747."

The 747 is sometimes called "the Queen of the Skies".

"To us, flying the 747 is the top airline position you could ever have in the world," said Capt. Hanlon, who has flown the 747 for 18 years. He said he was honored to have made the plane's final voyage.

"There will never be one that replaces it, in the pilot's eyes," said Capt. Hanlon.

"Flying on the 747 was always an experience," said Stephanie Nelson, who has flown as a flight attendant for Delta, for 40 years. "If you got to ride in the upper deck, it was so quiet and serene."

To commemorate the last 747, a lot of the passengers and crew signed the overhead bins, tagging it with some little messages and anecdotes to remember the 747, including the pilot of the last 747.

"It was the queen the skies," said Nelson. "It really was."

The flight was also a very special one for two of the 50 people on board, as a Delta flight attendant and pilot got married over Memphis, walking down the aisle of the plane. The couple met onboard the 747, nine years ago.

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