Details surrounding Thursday's officer involved shooting begin to emerge

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- As a Phoenix Police officer who was shot last Thursday remains in the hospital, FOX 10 has learned the identity of the man who allegedly shot him, and relatives say the man is being treated on the same floor, in the same hospital, as the officer.

Brett Knudsen, 41, has had several run-ins with police, but the most serious crime he's been convicted of so far is a misdemeanor DUI in 2016. Knudsen is unemployed, and lives with his parents in Scottsdale. The SUV involved in the shootout, is now parked on the driveway at the home.

Knudsen's father did not want to go on camera, but did tell FOX 10 he believes his son must have snapped, but he does not know why he fired at the officer Thursday night.

The Phoenix Police officer was shot twice in the upper body, and Knudsen was also shot when the officer returned fire. Knudsen's father says he is more concerned about the officer and the officer's family right now, than he is of his son.

For several years, Knudson was an actor, and had been in several local roles.

"He was very consistent with always bringing his A-Game and being a go-getter and extremely respectful, so when I heard the news, it just blew my mind," said MovieWork Now Casting Director Annie Medina, in a phone interview

Medina says clients would request Knudsen for roles. She hasn't spoken with Knudson in the last two years, and is baffled at the tragic turn his life has apparently taken.

"I send all my love and positive vibes to get better, and really get to the bottom as to why this happened," said Medina. "It's just so out of Bret's character. I just can't imagine. I just can't imagine."

Both Knudson and the Phoenix Police officer are expected to make full recoveries.