Disney World holds auditions for actors, singers, dancers

It is a dream of a lifetime for some, to perform in Orlando with Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

Walt Disney World came to Phoenix Tuesday looking for new performers.

"Hoping to get in to be a character look-a-like for Gaston, Christoph, or even Hercules," said Collin Amstutz.

"I'm used to it, I'm used to going to Atlanta auditions because I'm from Georgia, so this is nothing," said Mallory Murdock.

Every spot in line full of hope and excitement, things synonymous with Disney.

"I feel like they give so many different people a shot, they have parts for just about anyone. If you really want to do it, they probably have a part for you," said Amstutz.

"We have stilt walkers, puppeteers, flag twirlers, roller skaters, and roller bladers. If we don't have it now we will have it soon," said Disney Talent Casting Director Kent Murrish.

One of the questions that comes up is whether you need a dance background, the staff at Disney say no, they are looking for all kinds of folks.

"A lot of our performers have never had a dance class in their life. They're so great at being energetic and fun; we have a lot of different roles at Walt Disney World, so that's the great thing about these auditions," he said.

"I may not be a dancer, but I get to do the parade, and that means I'm a dancer, so I get to be something that I'm normally not, and I think that Disney is just magical," said Brianna Jarbis.

There were over 200 people waiting for the chance at magic.

Disney World is making offers for internships as well as full-time performing jobs.

On the web: http://disneyauditions.com/