District says Valley high school exam question is 'inappropriate'

A Verrado High School mother posted a copy of controversial testing material to her Facebook page.

Take a look at option C, which parents say clearly insinuates sexual activity, is cruel and vulgar and should not have been an option on a world history exam.

The superintendent agrees.

"It's rather disappointing and it's not appropriate," Agua Fria Union High School District Superintendent Dennis Runyan said. "We don't look at the question as to whether someone thought it was humorous. It's definitely not appropriate."

An investigation has been launched by the district. The 10th grade social studies teacher is a male, but school officials would not release details of his experience at the school.

"We do acknowledge that it's inappropriate," Runyan said. "It should not be in our classrooms."

Runyan says teacher could choose question and answer sets from pre-approved test banks, but they also have the freedom to create and administer exams as they see fit.

The district is now looking into whether the teacher has a history of inappropriate behavior or if this is an isolated incident.

"We expect them to be professionally trained, we expect them to be appropriate and again that's why this is an anomaly," Runyan said. "This is outside the norm."