Do political ads work?

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- With Election Day just two weeks away, the political ads and marketing campaigns are in full force.

From attack ads on TV, to flyers and signs, political marketing campaigns are everywhere. According to state finance reports, candidates and outside groups have spent about $36 million on statewide races, making this year's election cycle the second most expensive in Arizona's history.

While voters say ads just don't work, political analyst Mike O'neil says otherwise.

"Not unlike a TV commercial, you don't have to sit there riveted at the television commercial for you to get some information from it," said O'Neil. "You may just get a word or two, but a thought that sticks with you."

Especially when it comes to negative ads.

"Everybody says they don't like negative campaigns, but most people remember some kernel that came out of the negative campaign," said O'Neil.

Meanwhile, a group called NextGen held an event dubbed "Votes and Goats" at Arizona State University's West campus, hoping to get young people to vote by enticing them with pizza and a petting zoo.

"We were talking to them about their ballot, as well as the pigs that are over there," said field organizer Ephraim Infante.

Ccollege students saying it's about having that one-on-one connection.

"As far as television ads and mailers, I don't think that's relevant anymore," said one person. "I just seriously throw them away, I just fast forward through the commercials anyways, so I think actual events to grab people is definitely helpful."

NextGen, however, does focus on social media ads. The group is a part of a $480,000 digital ad campaign to target young voters in Arizona. These 30-second digital ads focus on two key races in Arizona: the Senate and the Governor's race.