Doctors driving cross-country to promote men's health

Take care of your body, like you take care of your car. That's the message from the doctors who have wrapped a Tesla in logos for their "Drive for Men's Health."

Doctors Sijo Parakettil and Jamin Brahmbhatt hit the road on Thursday. The Orlando Health urologists are making the cross-country road trip for the third time.

"We have so much focus on our cars, taking them in for oil changes and whatever, but when it comes to taking care of ourselves, we come up with all these excuses," said Dr. Parakettil. "Our goal this year is to get men to drop their excuse," added Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt. "We had such good feedback from men about how this has inspired them to live healthier active lifestyles. So we're excited to get on the road and just start driving and continue that message."

Along the way, they will talk to guys -- in person and online -- about taking better care of themselves. The doctors will drive from Orlando to New York and then to Los Angeles, stopping at Anytime Fitness centers along the way.

Over the past year, the they have been on a personal journey to get fit themselves. "What we realize was, we were talking the talk, but we weren't walking the walk," said Dr. Brahmbhatt. But they have lost some weight. "'Dr. B' and I have lost a combined 90 pounds. I lost 54 pounds since November," Dr. Parakettil said.

The doctors hope to inspire men to drop some pounds and take a drive towards better health.