Dog paralyzed after rescued from junk yard

A puppy is getting a third chance after being rescued from a junk yard and then attacked by another dog at an animal rescue.

The founders of the Arf-Anage Dog Rescue are hopeful a vet out there can help.

11-week-old Missy is full of life. "She loves to play, she loves to give kisses," said Cathy Rowe.

The boxer puppy loves the grass and all of the other rescue dogs that are being cared for by Rowe, the co-founder of the the dog rescue. Sometimes she scoots, sometimes she hops, but Missy never seems to let anything get in her way. Not even the fact she cannot use her hind legs.

"That dog doesn't even know that she's paralyzed, she's going around playing every day, it is fantastic," said Rowe. The accident that left her paralyzed happened about a month ago. Rowe says a slightly larger dog was playing with Missy, who was the runt of the litter. "I heard a squeak, I grabbed the other puppy and someone else in the house grabbed her and said she couldn't move."

The rescue takes in dogs that are about to be euthanized as well as owner surrenders. They've taken Missy to three veterinarians, and the news is not good. "It's going to be very expensive to get her diagnosed and treated," she said.

Rowe is hopeful that they can find a vet who specializes in spinal cord injuries who can help Missy walk on all fours again. The dog has her own facebook page, and an account has been setup to help with her care. Another rescue organization donated a wheelchair for dogs; Missy has adjusted to it very well.

"We're going to try doing the best thing we know how," said Rowe.

Rowe said she would adopt and keep Missy as her own, even if she cannot find her a caring home.

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