Dog rescued from I-275 getting second chance at life

A dog is getting a second chance at life after a good Samaritan and a state trooper saved it from the side of Interstate 275 in Tampa.

Vicky VanDevander spotted the dog in the woods by mile marker 56 Tuesday around 9 a.m.

“I pulled off and ran back and started scouring the woods for her, she kind of went and hid,” said VanDevander.

She flagged down a state trooper who managed to lure the pup to safety.

“To me, he was mostly the hero, to me. Because without him being there to have the leash and the crackers to attract her, she may have run off,” said VanDevander.

The dog was suffering from a severe skin condition, so the staff at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center set out to find a group to help with treatment.

“We have over 200 rescue groups that we work with, and that's one of the great things they do for us, dogs that are in special need like this one, they take them for us,” said Roger Mills with Hillsborough County Animal Control.

AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue stepped in to help nurse the dog back to health.

“We only knew about her medical condition, had no idea about her story,” said Cecilia Nieves, the rescue group’s founder.

The pooch is staying with a foster family until she's ready to be adopted.

“Our hearts are definitely into medically needy and rescuing those that are harder to rescue, essentially, and she fits in perfectly,” said Nieves.

Those interested in donating to AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue can do so here.

VanDevander reunited with the dog Friday to check on her progress. And she gave her a name.

“Miracle because it's a miracle that I found her and that she's still alive and didn't get hit by a car,” said VanDevander. “So, to me, Miracle just suits her very well.”

VanDevander said she’s thankful for the trooper’s help and hopes to adopt Miracle once she's well.

Animal control doesn’t know how the dog ended up on I-275, so investigators are asking anyone with information to call 813-744-5660.