Dogs in snow is the best thing about a Georgia snow day!

Folks across North Georgia might see the snow as something that impacts traffic and travel or a way to leave work early, but to canines, it's a glorious event!

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The FOX 5 Storm Team has been getting videos and photos all day from viewers using the hashtag #FOX5Snow and some of them have been an absolute treat.

One video from Tina M. Johnson was posted to the FOX 5 Atlanta Facebook page. It shows her puppy, Snuggles, enjoying his first time seeing snow.

Snuggles can be seen running and dancing through the snowfall.

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That was the scene Friday in Temple.

Meanwhile, in Blairsville, another doggie was as happy as can be!

FOX 5 viewer Colby Kaluzniak also shared his dog's happiness in the snow.

PHOTOS: Georgians enjoying snow day

Folks can post their photos to the FOX 5 Atlanta Facebook page, tweet them to @FOX5StormTeam, or tag @FOX5Atlanta on Instagram all using the hashtag #FOX5Snow