Dolal Idd identified as man shot, killed by Minneapolis police

The father of a shot an killed man killed by Minneapolis police returned to the shooting scene at 36th and Cedar, showing us a photo of the young man. (Paul Blume, FOX 9)

The father of a man shot and killed by Minneapolis police at 36th Street and Cedar Avenue on Wednesday evening came to the scene late Thursday morning, showing those gathered a photo of his son, who he identified as 23-year-old Dolal Idd.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner confirmed the identity of the victim in a press release on Thursday evening, saying the 23-year-old died from multiple gunshot wounds in the shooting.

Bayle Gelle, of Eden Prairie, said his family doesn't believe the Minneapolis Police Department’s narrative that their son fired first. They claim he was just "sitting in his car."

"I feel really sad. This is police brutality," Gelle said. "When they see a man, they kill him. They don’t even know why."

Records show Dolal has a criminal history including an illegal weapons possession conviction after he fired a round in his parents' home in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

A home Gelle says was searched by armed law enforcement in the middle of the night, rattling the entire family who they claim had no idea what had happened to their son.

"Our hands behind the back with ties, they were screaming, they had guns," he explained. "I have small children. They told us not to move on the bed. We got nightmare and shock."

Bodycam video showing shooting released

Police say officers initiated a traffic stop on a felony suspect near 36th Street and Cedar Avenue at 6:15 p.m. Wednesday and gunfire was exchanged. Body cameras were activated during the incident and video released on Thursday showed the incident. In the video, it's difficult to make out exactly what happens. The footage shows a man in a white sedan trying to pull away from officers as squads box him in at the gas station. At one point, as officers surround the vehicle, the driver's side window of the sedan shatters outward and smoke is seen. Chief Arradondo says it appears the man fired first at officers.

In response, officers opened fire, and about a dozen gunshots are heard in the video. Minneapolis police weren't able to say how many times the man may have fired at officers. The chief deferred to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which has taken over the investigation into the shooting.

No officers were shot in the exchange and the female passenger in the man's car was not shot. The officers were isolated and were waiting to be interviewed about their role in the incident Wednesday night. Police spokesperson John Elder said the officers were part of a community response team.