Dozens block Phoenix street in anti-migrant detention protest

Dozens of protesters blocked a downtown Phoenix street outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office ahead of federal roundups expected Sunday.

Police told the crowd Friday that people would be subject to arrest if they did not move out of the street and off the light rail tracks.

Protesters shouted chants against immigration detention under the Trump administration.

Some stood in the street while others lined the sidewalk along Central Avenue.

President Donald Trump says the roundups will begin Sunday, and his agents plan to eventually arrest millions of immigrants in the country illegally.

Administration officials have said they're targeting about 2,000 people in the national sweep, which would yield about 200 arrests based on previous crackdowns.

Roundups are not expected in Phoenix.

Phoenix Police arrested over a dozen people for unlawful assembly and obstructing a public thoroughfare. Two people were also arrested for aggravated assault on a police officer.