Dozens of animals found in unsanitary living conditions in Gilbert home

Video of a Gilbert resident's home shows dogs, cats and chickens being held in unsanitary living conditions - an animal rescue team says dozens of animals were found inside. FOX 10's Stefania Okolie has the exclusive story.

An animal rescue group made the discovery. More than 300 birds and dozens of pets were found in filthy conditions by animal rescue workers, who say the discovery was awful and unsafe. Video of a Gilbert woman's home shows the floor covered in feathers and debris.

Some of the animals were already dead, reportedly. The owner has reportedly been gone for three weeks, and had reached out to a caretaker to take care of the animals. That caretaker reportedly contacted the rescue group.

Gilbert Police have responded to the home at least twice in the past week, and city workers will head to the house in case there are any code violations.