Edward James Olmos slams Television Academy for overlooking Latinx actors for Emmy nominations

As the conversation continues regarding diversity and inclusivity everywhere, it also includes Hollywood. After the nominations for this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards were announced, some were left stunned as the Latinx community continues to be underrepresented and overlooked by the Television Academy.

FOX 11’s Amanda Salas caught up with the legendary Edward James Olmos as he slammed the Television Academy on the issue.

Olmos won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture for Television for "The Burning Season," and also earned the same honor for “Miami Vice.” He also earned a Primetime Emmy Award for the role.

He also made history when he scored an Oscar nomination for his role in “Stand and Deliver.”

Nominations for 72nd annual Primetime Emmy Awards, which will go on amid the pandemic,  were announced Tuesday where Latinx actors were completely shut out.

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"Basically, it hurts. I’ve got to say, it’s become such a strong understanding of what our world is driving towards, which is some kind of understanding that Black Lives Matter and that the Caucasian cultures have to deal with that and they have to deal diversity in the country itself. But in our industry, it’s really amazing they do not. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a black and white TV. There’s diversity, but as far as giving them credit and giving them a sense of balance, there’s none. I mean, indigenous people, Asian people, the Latino people are nowhere to be found and they haven’t been for a long time," Olmos said.

Olmos also addressed the lack of recognition for another legendary actor, Rita Moreno.

"What really makes me sad is that Rita Moreno has been left out for four years now. She’s been outstanding. And granted, it’s “One Day at a Time,” but you cannot tell me that she doesn’t deserve it. At least look at her work. This is about work, it’s not about what medium is it in, how famous or how many people are actually watching the show. She is a brilliant artist who deserves at the age of…she’s going to be 90, at the age of 89 is giving us good performances and has been for 70 years," Olmos added.

He also said Gina Rodriguez was often overlooked for her role on CW's "Jane the Virgin."

"Gina did such extraordinary work in ‘Jane the Virgin’ and got no recognition," he said. Rodriguez scored a Golden Globe for her work in 2015, "which she deserves," Olmos said.

In addition to sharing his support for Moreno and Rogriguez, Olmos also opened up about his support of Mayans M.C. on FX.