Ex-Quartzsite police employee pleads guilty to stealing cash

PHOENIX (AP) - A former Quartzsite police evidence technician has pleaded guilty to stealing about $25,000 from the department.

State prosecutors say Christy Conley pleaded guilty to one count each of fraudulent schemes and artifices and tampering with evidence.

They say Conley will spend at least 90 days in jail and pay full restitution to the Quartzsite police.

The 46-year-old Christy was indicted in May for stealing about $20,000 in cash from an evidence safe in 2017, including $13,000 that belonged to a deceased man's estate.

She lit a fire inside the evidence room in an attempt to hide the crime.

Investigators say Conley also charged more than $4,000 on a work credit card.

Conley was arrested in Wisconsin on a state grand jury warrant and was extradited to Arizona to face charges.