Experts: Don't let your guard down as monsoon season progresses into August

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- The monsoon storm that battered the Valley on Monday, along with a number of other storms in the past month, serve as reminders that the Valley is well into monsoon season.

While nobody knows for sure, things could be even worse in August, and experts say people can't let their guard down.

"We're seeing indications," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Ken Waters. "We may have that kind of activity again."

After a big storm like Monday's, we'll get a short break, then another one comes along, and this year might be worse that the last few.

"Tropical storms, basically hurricanes along the coast," said Waters.

Waters says the big concern is more rain. Heavy rain that may, to some, feel like Dejà vu from four years ago.

"Classic example is 2014, where we had just terrible flooding in Phoenix," said Waters.

Meanwhile, tree removal companies say it's up to the homeowner to maintain their trees, instead of calling them after their home looks like this.

"It's like shutting the barn doors," said Scott Cebulski with Trees R Us Tree Removal. "After the cows got out. It's already too late."

Cebulski compares periodically trimming a tree to getting an oil change for your car.

"You do have to do a crown reduction periodically to take the weight off the tree," said Cebulski. "If you don't take the weight off the tree, it's gonna break eventually."

You can hire someone or do it yourself.

"It's artistic, it's a finesse, takes time to learn how to do that. There are several books out there," said Cebulski.

Either way, he says it's got to be done, especially if you own a desert tree.

"Sissoo tree, Mesquite tree, Palo Verde tree, basically every tree you see out in the desert that grows naturally, if we take it and put it in urban America, it's not gonna grow, its gonna fall over," said Cebulski.