Family looks for witnesses after crash puts man in coma

A man is fighting for his life after a terrible accident. The family of 53-year-old Mike Riggs is pleading for more information on the crash that put him in a coma.

The FOX 10 News Alert came in the early morning hours of Monday June 22.

There were three large firefighting units and more EMTs on hand on Loop 202.

The accident left Mesa resident Mike Riggs fighting for his life.

"He pretty much broke all of his ribs, deflated both lungs and all his major organs are bruised, including his heart, liver, pancreas, spleen and kidneys, as well as a brain bleed. He also broke his wrist," said Jennifer Riggs, Mike's daughter-in-law. "When he was hit, it was with enough force his helmet flew off. He was wearing a helmet. He's a very responsible motorcyclist, and his shoes also flew off."

Family members say Riggs is in a coma as a result of the crash. He is obviously unable to help police in their investigation into what happened.

"There was some sort of a pile up. We just know that there was a truck with a trailer hauling a back hoe and collided with him and might have run him over. We are still unsure of the exact facts that had happened," said Jennifer Riggs.

Traffic was at a stand-still for most of the morning as first responders worked to help Riggs and clear the scene.

His family is certain someone out there during that busy morning saw something that can help.

"We're looking for witnesses currently because we are still trying to recreate the accident find out exactly what happened," said Jennifer Riggs.

Riggs is self-employed and does not have insurance. His family hopes to find out what happened and who was responsible in hopes it might help with medical bills.

In the meantime, they set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for the kind-hearted man they say would help anyone else who needed it

Riggs' family tells FOX 10 that police are still actively investigating the crash and they are hopeful someone saw something that will help them figure out who was at fault.