Family reunited with puppy allegedly stolen from yard in Massachusetts

On July 25, the Wellesley Police Department in Massachusetts reunited a family with their allegedly stolen black Labrador.

According to the police, the 8-month-old dog, named Ember, was taken from the family’s front yard in broad daylight on July 22. 

After looking around the yard, the police found that the tether and the clasp that kept the dog confined to the yard were working properly. After their preliminary inspection, police decided to open a criminal investigation, according to the city of Wellesley.

Officers located the suspects by identifying a vehicle that had circled the home before the dog’s disappearance. After conducting a brief surveillance of the suspect’s home, police allegedly observed Ember being let out into the yard from the suspect’s home.

After working with Framingham Police officers, the Wellesley detectives and officers charged two Framingham residents with receiving stolen property over $1,200 and conspiracy, officials said.

The puppy was returned to her family on July 25. 

"We were heartbroken and we just wanted to know that she was OK," Illana Nissenbaum, one of the dog’s owners, said. 

The Wellesley Police Department released video of the owners being reunited with their puppy.