Family searching for justice after father of 15 was killed in hit-and-run crash in Phoenix

Phoenix Police investigators are searching for a driver they say who hit and killed a man over the weekend.

The victim, identified as 50-year-old Robert Bennett, was killed while on his way home from work near 28th and Glendale Avenues. Bennett had a big family, and members of his family say at the time of the deadly incident, he was bringing home groceries to cook dinner.

"He was on his way home from work and about to cook dinner," said daughter Juanitia Johnson. "That's what he did. He was a cook. That's what he enjoyed to do."

Phoenix Police say Bennett was waiting for the bus when he stepped onto the road to see if he could see the bus coming. That's when a light-colored four-door sedan, believed to be a Honda Civic, hit Bennett and kept driving.

"I understand it was a mistake. They probably looked down for a second, but what if you would have stopped?" said Johnson. "He probably would have lived. You never know."

Bennett had 15 children and 28 grandchildren. On the day he died, another blessing came into their family: a baby boy. Now, members of Bennett's family say the baby boy will never have the delight of meeting the man who they describe as the life of the party.

"Amazing man," said Bennett's daughter Antynette Johnson. "Words can't even describe what he was to us, and it feels like they just tore a hole in our hearts, and it's just a really sad situation. We understand that things happen, but we just want peace and justice. We want our dad to be at peace."

Members of Bennett's family say they just want the driver to turn themselves in.

"You broke up a family, and you caused a lot of damage to a lot of people," said Bennett's son, Larue Johnson.

Anyone with information can call Phoenix Police at 602-262-6151.

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