Father has sobering warning on drugs following shooting that left son paralyzed

A heartbroken father who doesn't want others to end up like his son has a somber message.

Mark Foree's son, a 21-year-old, is in a valley hospital bed. Alex Foree is paralyzed from the neck down, after being shot in the jaw Friday, in the middle of the night.

"It's just so hard," said Foree. "It's so heartbreaking to see your son in a hospital bed. Can't move, can't talk."

Foree said his son's drug and alcohol addiction contributed to him ending up in his current state.

"I mean, it's not that I know his drug life was the cause of him getting shot, but it certainly was indirectly the cause," said Foree.

"He had been living this life," said Foree. "It started in high school. Smoking drugs and alcohol."

It's a lifestyle that Foree believes led his son to bad people. Foree recalls his son in his teenage years, a vibrant kid who loved wrestling, playing football, and going to church. Foree said on several occasions, he tried his hardest to get Alex in rehab.

"Well now, he's got rehab of paralysis," said Foree. "Quadriplegic for the rest of his life. That's his rehab."

Foree shared his sons tragic story, in hopes of reaching out to a community being crippled by the opioid addiction epidemic

"You've got to be humble enough and coachable enough to go to any drug rehab facility and drug program. Whatever you need," said Foree.

Foree said police have arrested the man responsible for Alex's shooting.