Father, son witness a gator eating another gator

A father and son in Apopka are still talking about their Saturday nature walk, where they saw an alligator devouring another gator.

Keith Small took his son, Landon, near Lake Apopka to walk the nature path, when Landon pointed out a large gator in the water.

Small's cellphone video showed what happened next.

The estimated 14-foot gator, chewing and swallowing a smaller, 5-foot gator.

All that can be seen of the smaller gator is the tail sticking out of the larger gator's mouth.

Small and his son are both heard in the video, amazed by the act of nature.

"We were like, 'There's something in it's mouth,' and then we were like, 'Oh, it's a fish,'" Landon said. "And then it moved and we were like, 'Oh, it's another gator!"

Mike Hilman, a park director at Gartorland in Orlando, said this is just what gators do.

"They're cannibalistic, so if you have a small one by a big one, and they're hungry, he'll take that opportunity to eat," he said.

Landon and his dad say they won't forget that gator sighting anytime soon.