FBI in Georgia monitoring domestic terrorism

The FBI here in Georgia is monitoring extreme political groups including white and black separatists, according to the special agent in charge of the Atlanta office.

David LeValley spoke at length about adjustments local and national law enforcement need to make in the wake of the violence and turmoil in a small Virginia town earlier this month.

Various hard right groups said they went to Charlottesville to defend a Confederate statue. They clashed with groups on the political left.

Before it was all over, a 32-year-old woman was mowed down by a vehicle driven by an Ohio man said to be sympathetic to the hard right group.

The Atlanta FBI leader said he has been in constant contact with Chief Erika Shields and other local law enforcement passing on intelligence information.

He said cities here and around the nation now must take steps to try to prevent a mass casualty event by vehicle. One counter measure is to erect concrete barriers in heavily traveled pedestrian areas that a vehicle cannot penetrate.

LeValley added that right now his office has no information about any imminent rally resembling the kind that boiled over in Virginia.