FDA approves 'smart pill' equipped with tracking sensor

Many devices are getting "smart" technology these days, with the latest being medication.

The FDA just approved the first medication in the form of a pill with a tracking sensor. It links up to your smartphone and lets patients, caregivers and doctors know if you've taken the drug.

The tracking device is about the size of a grain of salt, and activates when it gets wet from stomach juices.

So far, it's only approved for a medication that treats mental illnesses like schizophrenia, Bi-polar disorder and depression. Specifically, FOX News reports the medicine is a version of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co Ltd's established drug Abilify.

The FDA says digital pills could one day be used to help patients with complicated medicine routines, like with diabetes or heart conditions.

Some are concerned, though, trackable medication could create privacy issues, or possibly be used as a big brother-like tracking device.