Fearless fisherman frees great white shark caught in fishing lines

Harrowing footage captured the moment a fearless fisherman confronted and freed a gigantic great white shark trapped in finishing lines off the coast of Southern California. 

The video shared on YouTube by Sean Bailey shows him and his dad fishing when they spotted the shark swimming in circles around their boat. 

"Dad, look at him!" Bailey screamed as their boat inched closer to the animal in distress. "He’s got a bunch of fishing line stuck to him," Bailey added. 

Bailey’s father steered the boat as he carefully removed the wires that were making the shark immobile. 

Following the incident, Bailey showed off the massive pile of fishing wire that trapped the shark. 

"I think the shark’s going to be alright," he said. 

He urged other people who fish to be careful of how they use and dispose of their fishing line so that moments like these don’t happen again and the ocean life can remain unharmed.