Feds investigate "ISIS kill list," military spouse says families warned to be vigilant

The Federal Government is investigating a hit list, purportedly released by ISIS, which contains photos and names of US military members.

The names on the list come from almost every branch of the military from all across the country.

On the list is a US Air Force Airman from here in Arizona.

The Phoenix address of an Air Force Major was listed on the kill list.

FOX 10 spoke with a professor at Arizona State University who is an expert in the field of war and says this is a fear tactic used by the group. For many on the list and in the military it's working.

The list contains names, pictures, branch, rank, and home address for over 100 service members.

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FOX News Channel is reporting some of the names are of service members involved in US-led airstrikes against Syria, ISIS, and Iraq.

The FBI says they are now investigating, and the White House says no information was hacked. They add that the information came from social media accounts, articles, and periodicals posted online.

"Propaganda is nothing new, but what is new about this is ISIS's use of social media to communicate it's message broadly across thousands of miles," said Daniel Rothenberg.

"It's important that we put this into context, that just because a name is on the list that doesn't mean ISIS has the capacity to to project its forces to Arizona to do something terrible to a person here," he said.

Rothenberg said this list is to perpetuate fear.

"I think the appearance of names resonates with all of us because most of us have a social media presence, and when we see those names, and those photographs, and we see those addresses, and we imagine that could be us as well, and ISIS could name ourselves, our family members, and that is truly frightening... but that is exactly what they want," said Rothenberg.

A defense official told FOX News Channel that the individuals whose names appear on the list have been contacted by military officials.