Flames likely reignite hours after cat alerts owner to fire

The Phoenix Fire Department was called out to a home twice in several hours after a fire re ignited. The first time around the 81-year-old resident made it out safely, she says it was because of one of her cats.

"I wanted to go back for my kitties, it was impossible, I couldn't even see when I went a second time to my room," said Rosa Rizo.

Rizo was visibly shaken this morning, worried about her six pet cats after a terrible fire ripped through her home Thursday night, she hasn't seen them since.

"It was maybe a half an hour after I finished cooking, then from the side I hear my cat running under my bed, and I said what's going on," said Rizo.

"She thought it was strange that something had spooked the cat, so she went ahead and she didn't smell anything or see anything," said Capt. Aredell Deliz with Phoenix Fire.

Capt. Deliz says Rosa is lucky she paid attention, because at that moment her kitchen was on fire, and there were no working smoke detectors. Rosa says it all happened very quickly.

"I had to cover my nose in order to get my purse, and I went out to the hall again, it was horrible, even worse, I just feel sick," said Rizo.

"She was very fortunate her neighbors saw it and called 911 right away, as she was trying to get out they helped her out," said Deliz.

"I was stunned to see all the fire trucks and I just wanted to pass out," said Rizo.

Early this morning the flames could be seen again, the fire department was back on scene. They think some insulation reignited, causing even more damage.

Rosa escaped without clothes or her medication, most of her belongings are ruined, but all she wants are her cats, and she only hopes they made it out alive.

Rosa is asking for her neighbors to keep an eye out for her cats, and hopes the little heroes will be found. Phoenix Fire believes this was a cooking fire, even though it started a little after Rosa said the stove was turned off.