FOLLOW UP: Community, woman living in car hits snag on home recovery effort

A valley woman is down on her luck. When we first brought you Theresa's story last week, she was living in her car in her front yard. But today her luck is changing thanks to her generous community.

Fox 10's Courtney Griffin has the latest.

It's an incredible story about how one man is bringing the community together to help a woman get back inside her home.

He took to social media-- and has attracted attention from people across the world.

Volunteers, known as Thersea's Angels, have made progress, but still have a long road ahead of them.

"Being here 25 years with no one stopping and helping her out.. bringing back to life."

Justin Hernandez says he first met Theresa Hernandez while walking his dog.

That's when he learned she had been living in her car in her front yard since her husband died and the house became too much to maintain on her own.

But now she has the community helping her out.

"All the people that I've inspired to help Ms. Theresa…it's been amazing."

The Facebook page Justin created has garnered a lot of support, but they still need help in order to continue cleaning out her yard and home.

"Right now it's finances .. we don't plan on stopping."

Thersea has lived in her home for 25 years. She says she's overwhelmed by the support.

"You don't see that many people helping people like that."

Volunteers hope more people will join the Facebook page, and help get Theresa back in her home where she belongs. They also hope to show what community really means and to prove Theresa's husband wrong.

"My husband would say.. oh you're always helping people here and there.. no one is going to help you. Well I'm your husband and I'm here. What if I die first oh well I told you I want to go before you.

That bump in the road Justin was talking about is that they learned Thersea's home is in pre-foreclosure right now.

We're told she owes $8,000.

If the plan to get it paid off doesn't work out, habitat for humanity has said they will build her a new home.

Meanwhile, Thersea has been staying in hotels while all of this is worked out.