Food truck vendor stabbed to death in Phoenix

An investigation is underway after a late-night brawl in Phoenix turned deadly.

Police say a food truck vendor was stabbed to death in the area of 35th Avenue and Van Buren. Investigators say as the food truck was closing up on Feb. 17, a car pulled up. Afterwards, multiple men got out and started a fight with the food truck employees.

Detectives say the vendor, identified as Heriberto Acosta, was stabbed multiple times by one of the men during the fight. Acosta subsequently died, and detectives say the men in the car took off.

Customers sitting down to enjoy some seafood at the food truck on Feb. 18 had already heard the news from the other employees.

"It's shocking, but, I mean, it happens around this area," said one person.

Customers say they are not worried about being in the area while in broad daylight. However, they say it's a different story at night.

"Daytime, yes," said another person. "I wouldn't come out here in the nighttime. It is different, especially this area."

Area where the incident happened