Former Phoenix police officer arrested in animal hoarding case

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Zebras, Alpacas, and Longhorns are just some of the animals found on the property of a former Phoenix Police officer in the north valley.

She's now under arrested and accused of animal abuse.

Sheriff's investigators first went to the home last month and found about 100 animals. On Thursday they went back to the property and arrested the owner.

MCSO also shared video of the conditions inside the home.

When investigators say the conditions inside the home were filthy, they were not exaggerating.

Video shot last month by investigators during the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office first visit to the home. Inside the home there were dogs, cats, pigeons, even chickens, and outside there were move animals.

"We're talking about 100 animals," said Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.

Animal crimes detectives arrested 62-year-old Andrea Mikkel, a retired Phoenix Police Officer and MCSO employee.

The Sheriff's Office booked her on 80 counts of animal cruelty.

"The major problem is no water, no food, sores, not taking care of medical conditions," he said.

When they first went to the home in January, deputies seized about 50 animals, most of them from inside the home, but the former officer was not arrested until Thursday morning.

"We just don't go in there and knock a door down, we build the cases up, it does take time," said Arpaio.

Dozens of animals remain outside the property including a Texas longhorn. Investigators are getting another search warrant to check on those animals too.

They are also still keeping tabs on a pair of zebras found at the property last month. Those animals are now being cared for at a seperate location.

"We have got a big problem in this valley regarding the abuse of animals, hoarding and vicious conditions that they live in. Not only affecting the house, but what about all the neighborhood that has to live around this garbage," he said.

Mikkel has been booked into jail on 80 counts of animal abuse, and depending on what they find on the property she may face more charges.