FOX 5 photojournalist Austin Reeves shares Pope Francis parade experience

FOX 5 Photojournalist Austin Reeves had an incredible responsibility during our coverage of Pope Francis' visit to D.C.

He was assigned to man the camera in the lead vehicle - the one right in front of the pontiff - during the parade around the National Mall. On Thursday, he joined us in studio to talk about this amazing opportunity.

"Let me tell you -the Pope was rockstar number one…Austin Reeves was rockstar number 2 along that parade route," said FOX 5 anchor Holly Morris who was along the parade route.

Reeves said the dry run, ahead of Pope Francis' arrival, was the fun part for him. He and the crew took the vehicle down the street and were welcomed by cheers from the crowd.

"After the Pope came out from the White House...that was all business," he said.

After it was over, Reeves said he had a chance to reflect on the moment - like when the young girl ran over and was embraced by the Pope.