Friends of Travis Alexander react to the verdict

Thursday's mistrial is devastating for Travis Alexander's family; they've now been through this disappointment twice.

A handful of supporters gathered at the courthouse Thursday evening to hold a candlelight vigil.

In the courtroom, it was hard to miss the reaction on the face of Travis Alexander's sister after the judge declared a mistrial.

Sobs could be heard throughout the courtroom, the family was hoping for the death penalty.

Supporters of Travis and his family saying justice was not served.

"If anybody deserves the death penalty it is Jodi Arias," said Kathy Brown.

Brown is one of the eight court watchers who gathered at Maricopa County Superior Court for a vigil to remember Alexander.

"We came out here to show our love and support," she said.

Court watchers like Brown attended the trial nearly every day. She says she went out of curiosity, she didn't know Travis or his family beforehand but became familiar with them through court.

"We just want the family to know we'll never forget what took place here and for them to stay strong, and we pray for them," said Brown.

Alexander's family gave brief statements as they left the courthouse. "My brother deserves more than this," and "The real justice will be in the afterlife when Jodi burns in hell."

"You know I'm disappointed, Jodi deserved the death penalty," said Chris Huges, Travis' best friend.

Hughes says he too was disappointed with the jury's decision but finds some comfort in knowing it is all coming to an end.

"I've actually felt a sense of relief today, I didn't know that I would, but I did. I just wish the sentencing would have happened today," he said.

Hughes is in contact with Travis' family and says they are all ready to close this chapter in their lives.

"They're ready to put this behind them; they're ready to move forward with their lives," said Hughes.

Sentencing is scheduled for April 13, 2015. The judge will sentence her to either life in prison with the possibility of parole or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Hughes said if Arias got the possibility of Parole it would be a travesty.