GBI: Two Dooly County adults, toddler killed in ambush

The hunt for a killer who shot four people, killing three, including a 17-month-old boy, intensified Thursday evening.

Jashon Ingram, who is just 17 months old, was shot to death outside a double-wide mobile home on Hill Street in the small town of Byromville about 135 miles south of Atlanta early Wednesday morning along with two others.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said the homeowner, 47-year-old Priscilla Adams, was going to drive Jashon to daycare and then take her 17-year-old daughter to a friend's home to catch a school bus before she went to work. But investigators said before they left, they were ambushed.

"It looks like it was more of an ambush, but I don't know that when we were looking at the scene. Again, they were coming out of this doublewide to get into the car to go about their daily routine," said J.T. Ricketson, Special Agent in Charge of the GBI.

The GBI said Mr. Merrell had been shot in the stomach and next to his body in his backyard was a long rifle.