Gilbert Police arrest suspect in realtor attack

Gilbert Police have arrested a man they say groped a real estate agent during an open house in Gilbert.

The groping incident happened about a month ago; the realtor was hosting an open house when a man who was pretending to be a home buyer suddenly attacked her and then walked away.

Police were worried the man would go after more female realtors, but now they believe they caught him.

For over a month, Gilbert Police have been searching for the suspect in the groping incident. Now they have 47-year-old Michael Workman in custody and have charged him with kidnapping and sexual abuse charges.

FOX 10 sat down with the victim last month; she did not want to be identified, but she wanted to share her story.

"He said he was from Canada and owned a few properties... he had gotten a job in the State of Arizona and said he was going to be working in Chandler and he needed to close on a house quick," said the victim.

She said she was showing a house in the Gardens subdivision in Gilbert. Her attacker asked her if she was alone, and if she had recently had a pedicure. Then, she says he fondled her.

"He had me completely pressed against the wall, he had god awful breath, I couldn't stop staring at his skin, it was so close to me and disgusting... he just walked away like no big deal, no rush to get out of there, he just took off," she said.

She was able to give police a detailed description of her attacker. Police say Workman is cooperating with investigators.

Workman was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon; he's now being held on two felony counts. The case has been sent to the Maricopa County Attorneys Office.

Now, valley realtors are wondering if Workman is the same guy who has been bothering real estate agents since last summer. That suspect has been calling and texting them asking about their feet. So far, police have not linked Workman to those crimes.