Gilbert Police: Swastika signs found near Perry High School campus

GILBERT, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Gilbert Police officials say an investigation is underway, after Swastika signs were posted around the campus of Perry High School.

According to a statement released by Sgt. William Balafas with the Gilbert Police Department, an initial report by patrolling officers indicated at least four signs with Swastikas that were found posted on a traffic light control box in front of the school, near the southwest corner of Queen Creek and Perry Puma Drive Monday afternoon, and that additional signs were apparently posted around the campus.

In photos provided to FOX 10 by Drew Rockwell, one of the signs read "Love Not Hate", with the "O" in "Love" replaced by a Swastika, and the "A" in "Hate" replaced by a Star of David, which is widely recognized as a symbol of Judaism. Other signs read "Love Your Folk" and "You Are Not Alone". The "Love Your Folk" sign also featured a Swastika.

Officials with Chandler Unified School District say the signs were later removed.

Gilbert Police officials say they are aware that similar signs have been posted throughout the Valley in recent months by unknown groups or individuals.

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, while the Swastika is an ancient symbol of prosperity and good fortune, it became a national symbol of Nazi Germany, and is still favored by neo-Nazi groups following the end of World War II.

Anyone with information should call Gilbert Police at (480) 503-6500.