Glendale Fire: Woman, 3 dogs dead following fire

GLENDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- Officials with Glendale Fire Department say a woman is dead, following a fire at a home.

According to officials, the fire started at approximately 6:00 p.m., along the 6200 block of Karen Lee Lane. Fifty-three-year-old Lori Campbell was living in an RV in front of her home when a fire started in the RV, and then spread to the home.

"Small, tight quarters, so you can imagine the heat and where the fire maybe starts could block your exit very easily," said Captain Kevin Thompson with the Glendale Fire Department. "And in a small, tight quarters, if there is a lot of smoke, you're virtually blind, and it would be really, really easy to become quickly disoriented and difficult to exit from."

Aside from Campbell, fire officials say based on preliminary reports, three dogs also died.

No one else was inside the home.

Fire officials say it is still not known how the fire started, or whether Campbell was trapped.