Glendale schools deemed unsafe, close for structural repairs

Parents were left scrambling after they were told not to send their children to school for the next three days.

Two elementary schools were forced to close after they were declared "too unsafe" and the schools could be closed for weeks.

Here's what's causing the concern: cracks at Landmark Elementary and Challenger Middle School.

On Monday, the district held three meetings for parents and staff. At the meeting, the district explained to parents that there will now be what's called "double sessions" at two other elementary schools: Desert Spirit and Bicentennial North. One group will go to school in the morning and a second session will be held in the afternoon.

The change affects about 3,000 students.

The district will bus students to the schools and offer free enrichment programs in the morning and the afternoon, but as you can imagine, parents are concerned.

The district is hoping to have the repairs completed in four weeks.

The double session begins Thursday, September 14th.