Good news for Lake Powell as snowpack continues to melt

Water levels on Lake Powell are rising thanks to the heavy snowpack in the Colorado Rockies, and currently, water levels are at 3,525 feet – up three feet compared to last year.

All that added runoff is allowing boat ramps that recently had to close down to open up again in time for summer.

The weather is heating up, and many people will be heading to the lake. With rising water levels, Lisa Cesaro with Aramark Destinations says Lake Powell will be a great option.

"Lake Powell is the mecca for houseboats," she says.

According to the Bureau of Reclamation, the runoff is 160% above normal and Lake Powell has a greater than 90% chance for the water levels to rise up to 90 feet by the end of summer. The snowpack from the Colorado Rockies is the main contributor.

"We're looking forward to watching the lake rise. It's already rising right now. The peak for the run-off is May and June, so we're going to really see it over the next few months," Cesaro said.

This is the most runoff the lake has received since 2011.

In recent years, the water levels have been so low that boat ramps and certain areas needed to be closed. This year, many of those will be re-opening.


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Map of Lake Powell's span: