GOP debate: ASU Political Sci majors react

Some young voters who would normally be tuning into their favorite TV show during prime time tuned into the GOP debate instead.

The cast of candidates made for some entertaining television that kept even millennials glued to the television screen.

Millennials and Generation X'ers are used to watching Donald Trump stir up the pot on prime time TV, and no doubt he made the debate more entertaining to watch.

Entertainment aside, young voters tuned in to get to know the Republicans vying for President and to formulate their own opinions.

The first GOP Presidential Debate drew some chuckles from these new political science majors at Arizona State University who were expecting a show from the man leading the polls.

But not everyone was impressed by Trump's "in your face" performance.

"I think in this debate what we saw was his relationship with the media, he has this tension relationship bouncing back, the gotcha questions to him," said Mia Senechal.

"There're nine great candidates up there, and there's one that needs to step aside unless he's serious," said Chris Herring.

Trump's rash and bold comments disappointed some in this group of young Republican professionals.

"When we're in the room his comments are getting a lot of laughs, and the other candidates are getting a lot of applause, so if he wants to be taken seriously he needs to start acting like a serious candidate," said Herring.

During the debate, several candidates succeeded in making an impression on these young minds.

"Chris Christie did have a very powerful speech about how New Jersey fought back," said Senechal.

"I support Scott Walker right now," said Herring.

"I do think Marco Rubio is another strong candidate," said Senchal.

While others felt they needed to see and hear more before they could decide, who will win their vote.

"As of right now they all have a chance it's still the first debate, there is a lot of time left, so we'll see what happens," said Kurt Velock.

A lot of Millennials and Generation-X'ers probably did not watch the debate because you could only watch it if you had a subscription to cable TV. It wasn't streamed online which is how many young people get their news.

It'll be interesting to see if future debates will be made available online, as well as television.