GOP Nominee takes aim at Arizona Republic, Former Miss Universe

On Friday, Trump took to Twitter to let loose a hail of tweets.

He was active on Twitter in the early morning, upset at a former Miss Universe and the Arizona Republic, which broke tradition in not endorsing him.

First, tweets attacking Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe and Hillary Clinton supporter who says Donald berated and bullied her for gaining weight.

Trump responded:

Then Trump moved on to the Arizona Republic, which for the first time in its 126-year history endorsed a Democrat Clinton over a Republican Trump.

Some other papers doing the same thing.

Trump tweeted:

The Republic's editorial director is not worried about the criticism.

"I salute his first amendment rights but understand Trump has talked about rolling back first amendment freedoms he doesn't like discussion he doesn't like more freedom of press."

Jeff Dewit, Arizona State Treasurer and Trump's national campaign chief operating officer says the paper's endorsement of Hillary does not matter.

"Well it was only a few years ago in my own race for treasurer I was down a few points to my opponent the Republic glowing endorsement of him. I beat him by double digits. In their own way the Arizona Republic is trying to help Donald Trump," said Dewit.

Meanwhile, according to some news reports, there have even been death threats directed at the Republic for dumping on Trump, but news executives did not wish to talk about that.

The Republic's editorial page editor says readers' initial reaction to the paper's endorsement of Hillary Clinton was negative and the paper lost some subscribers.

But then the editor said the Republic gained subscribers, including some from out of state.