Government leaders react to news of Kayla Mueller's death

Arizona lawmakers are expressing sympathy and sadness at word that Kayla Mueller has died while being held by Islamic State Militants.

Governor Doug Ducey spoke with the Mueller family Tuesday; he said Arizona and the nation will forever remember Kayla Mueller and the lasting impression she left.

The Governor ordered a moment of silence for Kayla Mueller, and ordered all flags at the Capitol to be lowered to half-staff.

"I've been able to speak with her father today and express my condolences and the fact that our prayers, my family's prayers, and all of Arizonans are with this beautiful and compassionate person who was a humanitarian. An example for all of us, probably someone who did more in her short life than many do with a longer life," said Gov. Doug Ducey.

Senator Jeff Flake expressed sympathy for Mueller's family on the Senate Floor.

"Kayla's entire adult life, was cut short at the tender age of 26, has been dedicated to the service of others and an ending to that suffering... regardless of the exact circumstances regarding Kayla's death the fact remains that had ISIL militants not kidnapped this sparkling young woman, she would still be with us today, her death can and should be laid squarely at their feet. It is yet another example of the groups mindless and alarming savagery," said Sen. Jeff Flake.

Senator Flake also said the best thing Congress can do is authorize a mission against ISIL.